Keep an Eye on your Pets as Temperatures Rise


If you’re expecting higher than usual temperatures, just moved to a warmer region or have a new pet here are basic pet care guidelines for hot weather. Protect Skin and Use Sunscreen Just like humans, pets have different sensitivities to… Read More

In This Heat Watch Out for Heat Stroke


When the summer temperatures climb heat stroke can become a reality for anyone. There are certainly those who are more at risk than others, but in the right conditions anyone can succumb to heat stroke. It’s important to understand the… Read More

What is Radiant Barrier?

What is Radiant Barrier?

As the world becomes more aware of environmental concerns, energy use, and the savings to families who are well prepared for the chill of winter insulation such as radiant barrier has become a common topic of discussion. Energy savings are… Read More

Beat the Heat with Cool Ideas

Beat The Heat

In order to beat the heat you’re definitely going to need some cool ideas. While the AC runs hard at home it can be maddening to have to stay inside as the temperatures outside drive up into the upper 90s… Read More

Hottest Ideas for your Backyard this Summer

Backyard Idea

Summer is here, and with it comes heat, birds, and most importantly, sunshine. Enjoy a backyard oasis with the hottest ideas for your backyard this summer. Outdoor Deck or Patio Add a deck or patio in a nontraditional area of… Read More

End of Summer Party Ideas

End of Summer Party Ideas

The end of summer party ideas that you might have could very well be exactly the right ideas. It’s not unusual to intuit a great event only to question oneself later on. There are all kinds of great events that… Read More

Patriotic Ideas for your 4th of July Party


With Independence Day coming up, many people are planning a 4th of July get-together. What a wonderful way to welcome summer, meet new friends, meet up with people you haven’t seen in a while, or even promote a home that’s… Read More

Quick Tips for Water Conservation this Summer

Quick Tips for Water Conservation this Summer

In many areas of the country, it is important to conserve on water. Many areas may face drought like conditions this year. Therefore, water could become an important resource that cannot be wasted. In the past, some local governments have… Read More

How to Make Your Home Smell More Like the Holidays

How to Make Your Home Smell More Like the Holidays

With the holiday season drawing near you may want to make your home smell more like the holidays. Any time of year the holiday smells are welcoming and joyous. The months of November and December the aromas that are etched… Read More

What Sells Homes?


If you’re listing your house your first question may very well be what sells homes? What leaves one home on the market for years while those around it are sold in a matter of months? Typically, there are two rooms… Read More

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