The Builder Has a Sales Rep, Do I Need a Realtor?

When you’re buying a home that is under construction or being built specifically for you, it’s possible that you will question if you need a Realtor since the builder already has a sales rep. While it may be tempting to skip the idea of adding a Realtor commission to the cost of the home it’s generally not recommended.

You don’t need a Realtor in the traditional sense to show you from one house to another. Your home is already being built. What a Realtor offers you is knowledge. Realtors have to understand the laws, the codes, and the requirements. These are not things that you are expected to know and the sales rep and the builder know this as well. Walking into a home negotiation without a Realtor is like walking into court without an attorney. It can be done, but it usually doesn’t serve you well.

It’s not that every sales rep or builder is out to make sure that you pay top dollar for everything or won’t be fair. It’s about who is paid to look after whose interest. The sales rep certainly wouldn’t build a very good reputation with builders if he or she was consistently looking out for your interests. It is his or her job to sell the home for as much as possible while saving on the construction of the home. That’s just business. It’s always been done that way and business will always continue to thrive like that.

Your Realtor is there to keep you from making any mistakes, overlooking any code or zoning violations that will cost you a fortune in the future, and to ensure that the home deal is done with your interests protected. The commission rate of a Realtor is a very small price considering exactly how much can be saved in the future. You never want to sign any forms or contracts until you have had gotten good counsel from a professional in the industry.

While the builder may have some good recommendations regarding which Realtors you should call upon, it may be preferable to find someone through the recommendation of professional websites, family, or friends. The professional that you choose should be a disconnected party from the builder and the sales rep. Even unconscious maneuvers can be done when there is a previous, working relationship that was mutually beneficial. Third parties are individual entities that are less prone to subconscious pressure.

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