Safety Tips for your Home when You’re Away on Vacation

Leaving your home alone while you’re away is not always a comforting feeling. Vacationers, sellers, and realtors alike often worry about the safety of valuable items in the home, damage or vandalism to property, and even trespassing. Some wonderful tips that assist in making sure that your home is safe and secure are extremely important, especially in high crime areas.

Home Safety Tips for Vacationers

  • Leave the lights on. Many people even set up timer systems or somebody devices that turn lights on and off in different rooms or even outside. This can give curious observers the impression that somebody is home.
  • Be discreet. Only notify those necessary that you will be away from home. People you notify should be people you trust that have your well-being in mind.
  • Notify a trusted neighbor and provide him or her with access to your home. Allow them to check on pets, water flowers, and pick up mail and newspapers, and even mow grass if needed. This simple step can make it appear that the home is in use.
  • Notify your local police. Often, especially in smaller communities, area police will drive by properties more frequently if they know you aren’t home. They can help watch for any suspicious activities, vandals, or even natural threats.
  • Lock it up. Even empty homes need to be locked. If people suspect that a home is empty, sometimes even the most honest of individuals let their curiosity get the best of them. Many times a thief or trespasser will be dissuaded just by encountering a locked door or window.
  • Set alarms. If you do not currently have an alarm system installed, consider having it done. New wireless systems can be installed in a matter of minutes and without the mess of traditional systems. Some even provide remote access and twenty-four hour monitoring to provide the utmost security. Home security systems can even be programmed to monitor both outdoor and indoor activity, fire, smoke, and carbon-monoxide threats, notifying you by phone, text, or email in the event of a problem.
  • No alarm? Consider placing alarm company signs and stickers in plain sight throughout your property. Simply seeing an alarm system notification can often be enough to discourage many people.
  • People aren’t your only threat. Turn off stoves, ceiling fans, and unplug coffee pots to avoid the hazard of a fire.
  • Hire a reputable house sitter to stay with your home, feed pets, and perform other daily tasks.

Although nothing can guarantee that your home and belongings stay safe and secure while you are away, following these tips will offer you peace of mind.

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