Selling Your Home Despite the Pets

Any realtor will attest to the fact that selling your home is a lot harder when there are pets running rampant. Most realtors will even kindly suggest a boarding facility while the selling process is underway. This is usually not a viable suggestion. Boarding facilities get expensive, and they are just not meant to be a long term solution. Considering that it can take six months to two years to sell a home in this market, that’s way too long for any companion animal to live at even the best facility.

There are many things that you can do to help keep your realtor happy and sell your home faster. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of what kind of companion animals you have. Most of the time if you can still scoop them up and take them with you when the realtor needs to show the home there is a lot less to worry about. Anyone that can travel, should travel.

Staying on top of the pet hair is a hard job, especially if your realtor can only offer so much help. If you have all hardwood floors then sweeping up the pet hair twice a day really doesn’t take that long. By doing it twice per day you can actually save quite a bit of time.

Multiple animal households seem to struggle the most from problems due to odor. That lovely aroma your four legged friends leave behind can be an immediate buyer turn off. Dog pets smell bad and kitty liter boxes stink. The worst offenders of the nasal passages tend to be pocket pets. Bedding traps the potent urine smell and can be very offensive.

Wash all of the dog bedding at least once per week, and don’t forget to wash Fido, too. Some people find it helpful to have two dog beds in rotation, taking the one that’s being used momentarily with them and leaving a clean one behind. Be prepared to change the bedding in the pocket pets’ cage every day to prevent odor.

Selling your home despite the pets will definitely mean extra work. Putting in the extra work will help get your home sold while keeping your family together. It is important to ask your realtor about any pet odors or pet related problems they might notice. It is also important to be open to their feedback. That way you will know that the home they are showing is clean and fresh.

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