The Builder Has a Sales Rep, Do I Need a Realtor?

Do I need a Realtor? James Hurt

When you’re buying a home that is under construction or being built specifically for you, it’s possible that you will question if you need a Realtor since the builder already has a sales rep. While it may be tempting to… Read More

On a New Home I Get a Better Deal if I Don’t Use a Realtor, Right?

on a new home i get a better deal if i don't use a realtor right

Wrong!   This is an assumption that is made only when the pay structure and the home pricing is not clearly understood. If it has been explained to you but you still aren’t sure, that’s understandable. It’s hard to relate… Read More

Why You Should Use a Realtor

If you want to sell your house quickly and for the best price, you should use a realtor. They should help you all along the way.

4 Ways to Turbocharge Your Home Inspection


An inspection can do more than help a homebuyer avoid a money pit. By Michele Lerner of   A typical homebuyer assumes that the purpose of a home inspection is to catch any major structural problems before a purchase. Avoiding a money… Read More

Why Do Some Realtors Discount and Some Don’t


If you’ve ever wondered why some realtors discount and some don’t you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Many people wonder why one realtor might offer great discounts while another makes absolutely no mention of discounting at all. It’s important to understand… Read More

Heated Bathroom Floors Make a World of Difference

bathroom floor

If you are one who needs to crank the heat up in order to make the morning routine tolerable, perhaps heated bathroom floors are a better solution. They are actually quite easy to install and are excellent for maintaining a… Read More

Selling Your Home Despite the Pets

Selling Your Home Despite the Pets

Any realtor will attest to the fact that selling your home is a lot harder when there are pets running rampant. Most realtors will even kindly suggest a boarding facility while the selling process is underway. This is usually not… Read More

Why You Should Not be Present When Your Home is Shown


There are some very pointed elements to consider when you are showing your home.  One of the main essentials is your ability to vacate the property every time the realtor wants to show the house. While you might feel as… Read More

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