Ten important itps to prepare your home for Winter

Inspect brickwork and stucco.
Check for chipping, deteriorated mortar and unsightly deposits.

Replace rotted siding and trim; paint as needed.
Hire a professional to tackle siding maintenance.

Clean gutters and downspouts.
Multiple freezes and thaws can result in sags and dips.

Inspect your roof.
Check for damaged shingles, which can make your roof susceptible to leaks.

Get a chimney check-up.
Hire a pro that can quickly check for cracks or leaks.

Freeze protect your Faucets
There are many different apparatuses to help prevent freezing of outdoor spigots.

Service Your HVAC System
Change filters and clean the air purifier, but leave the rest to the pros.

Prune landscaping and create good drainage.
Maintain your plants and shrubs to prevent soil erosion.

Seal your driveway, power wash your patio and have a pro service your pool.

Weatherproof your windows and doors.
Check all caulk lines and weather stripping; replace screens.

If you have a pool don’t forget to winterize it, and if you have a basement don’t forget to service your sump pump.

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